Party Wear

Time for fun and rocking out at night makes it more easy. Party animals come alive at night, reviving their energies on the dance floor. Most men are worried about what could be the right way to dress here.
I have a simplified dressing approach for a party which certainly subsides the choices
- firstly choose the clothes that you are most comfortable with as its more important to avoid discomfort.
- Avoid formals as much as possible, nobody likes it there. Perhaps you feel wired in it, and you are simply not going to any job interview.
- grooming yourself is very important, wearing ample anti-perspirants and deo's keeps the sweat vampires away, which is a very common reason of discomfort.
- prefer clothes that won't start your perspiration factory as soon as you hit the dance floor.(if you suffer from perspiration)

The first thought that comes to anyone's mind when we think of pants is JEANS, off course they are more relaxing and comfortable. Pair them with a contrasting t-shirt along with a cotton blazer.

When it comes to shirts, i insist you to go for short slim fit having more casual look. You have a wide range of choices while choosing a shirt, though confusing. Solid shirts are quite common, but the one with glossy effect provides an edge at any night club. Patterned shirts with darker shades paired with a breathable linen or cotton pant gives a semi-formal look.
You can pair solids (slim fit) with denim also(these are more versatile), fold the sleeves just till it reaches the elbow region to give a rugged effect. You can layer it with a nice contrasting cotton blazer. Short sleeve, slim fit checkered shirts combined with a slim fit jeans can make that difference. How about layering it with a v-neck t-shirt and a matching narrow tie(be fashionable).
As far as styling your feet is concerned, you can go for trainers(with jeans), or brown loafers can be paired with dress pants or chinos. Dress shoes give a classy feel.

Remember that a simplistic look wont steal anyone's attention at a night club. Try different accessories as to compliment the outfit - a nice tungsten or titanium bracelet, a sports watch is essential. Wearing shades at a night club is not advisable, but lighter shades(yellow, aqua, light brown) with metal frames add a touch of style.
Go with a bolder look at a party, without overdoing and ensuring the level of comfort. No fashion is stone written, its how stylish you look with whatever you wear. Men's fashion is limited as compared to women's, so we need to explore and improvise constantly. Carry your own style and don't copy.

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