trends you can watch out for

If you are one of those billions with the conventional thinking who love to be simple, than this isn't for you. If you're not than keep reading...
Don't be a fashion victim by wearing
- a large XXL size t-shirt.
- a jeans so old when you next wash it, its remains are left. So baggy that people start forming a wierd opinion about you.
- trousers that have lost their color after several washes.
- suits that are larger than your size. (Better don't wear a suit otherwise)
- bad brands

Make sure you adhere to these points so that your fashion trait sustains. What's the use of buying expensive designer clothes if they don't fit properly. I m not going off the topic, just want to remind you the basic points(the don'ts). Don't be ignorant and let people to build opinion that militates your actual character. Remember your first impression is your last, and perhaps you won't be able to overcome that opinion sooner. You will be identified as person by the way you dress. 50% of your reputation as a person depends on your clothes and your attitude. "ATTIRE MAKETH THE MAN".

Ok let's come to the point now, how many of you feel uncomfortable in PINK? i guess most of them. Perhaps that color is more feminine, and no guy wants to be labeled as that. I just want to inform you that this color is nowhere possesed by the opposites(gals), and yes it's the latest trend of summer for both gender's. So get out of your cirle of comfort, and drive yourself for something extra.
Buy some t-shirts of that color and trust me you will grab all the attention you needed(i have a couple of them, and got good response from people). Try wearing them on blue faded or acid washed denim. Get rid of that black and white for time being.
Include a few yellow t-shirts in your wardrobe and mix it with dark denim jeans.
- Graphic t-shirts are very much in trend(not those with funny slogans like "boy's are best", "i rock"), but with interesting prints and best quality images. I suggest to go with good brands, they always fit properly.
- Cotton or linen jackets are light weight and with pale colors will steal attention.
- Trainers will stylise your feets, those canvas shoes with hi-top are inching the heavens of fashion now.
- Black watches are quite the latest trend. I suggest you to own one metal finished black watch, as you can combine it with formals as well as casuals.
- Carbon black jeans with some glossy effect in contrast with bright colors like yellow rules the streets.
- If you like shirts than go for short folded sleeves, prefer the checkered styles. A waist coat does add elegance .
- Don't forget to buy a pair of rayban aviators, you need them one summer after another. Very classy!!
- The power of branded clothes is unmatchable. Look fashionable wear latest.
Fill your wardrobe with bright colors for summer. But be prepared for the rains. I will soon come up with an article for rainy wear.

Office Wear

If you're working/employee than i should say you need to read this. Being stylish at your work place differentiates you from other employees. Why to have a common life at office. Perhaps its the place where you spend more time than anywhere else, so its necessary to carry a style at your work place too. Be stylish yet elegant.Try different colors, and get out of that black & white combination... Try branded be perfect.

- Wear properly fitted shirts n pants, loose shirts will only spoil the style that you want, instead look for slim fit which are latest. A pair of khakhi chinos is a must.
- If your regular attire includes suit than i suggest you to buy measured suit that fits you properly, and not the one with broad shoulders(good way to promote lack of interest in clothes), larger than your size and make you look like a chicken lollipop dipped in sauce. Solid color shirts should be used with suits as a mark of elegance, this trend is more classic and everlasting. I strictly recommend you to own black, navy blue, grey and brown colored suit(regular users).
If you want to be fashionable than u need to be different and for that try new things without going out of proportion.
- Solids are very common, so i suggest shirts with stripes, or shirts with some designs or prints. Make sure that printed/patterned shirts are not in dark shades as your boss may not get impressed and think you're a partying freak. So know the difference, don't make it too preppy. Don't hesitate in trying different colors. Next thing is to ensure that whatever you wear is of your size and doesn't exaggerate your size.
- Pair the right tie, which inturn matches the suit. Don't combine a stripe tie wit stripe shirt instead u can go for a patterned tie, that should look awesomely good. You can combine patterned shirt with a stripe tie. Avoid wearing same colored shirt-trouser, could be an exception if your combine an contrasting colored blazer. It's not necessary that your clothes should be designer to make you look good. Its the way you look no matter whatever the label.
- Next important thing is the shoes, this time i would suggest a good pair of black or brown shoes, with the finest quality. They are as important as your clothes, if not
properly fitted they can spoil your walk, right? See how important they are. Also make sure that you match socks with your dress pant( if you're wearing black pant than go for black socks ), remember you want to be stylish and render fashionista.
- a leather belt with a polished metal buckle or a crafted one. And ensure that the belt color matches your other accessories(if you're wearing) like watch or a bracelet.

Those were the things that you got to do, now just see what not to do
- Don't ever wear a stained clothes at your work place as to preclude embarassment. Good reason to annoy your colleagues and mostly your boss.
- never put on a loose pant that slips down your hips everytime you sit or walk.
- prefer not to fold your sleeves unless you have the liberty to be casual at office.
- i would not prefer a sports watch, and certainly not a glittering denim belt on formals.
- looking inept at office could be the last word to describe laziness.
Wearing branded clothes will certainly increase your style quotient and gives an edge over others(friends). Brands like Calvin Klein, gucci etc are always there to do that...

If you want to impress the womens around you, than don't ignore fashion(prime necessity). At the end of the day what matters is your sense of professionalism.