Diesel S.p.A.

Diesel S.p.A. History:
The company was founded by Renzo Rosso and Adriano Goldschmied in 1978.In 1985, Renzo completely takes over the company.
In 1990s its international marketing strategy starts and Diesel opens its first flagship store in New York in 1996.

Diesel currently outsources its some production to small and mid- sized companies.
The Company’s headquarter is located in Molvena, in the north eastern part of Italy.The company has spread worldwide with over 200 retail outlets and wholesales to retail boutiques and department stores. It employs nearly 3,500 people as of 2005 figures.

The diesel name is licensed to other companies to produce eye wear, jewelry, foot wear, wrist watches, fragrances, and other accessories for men and women. In 26 Nov 2007, Diesel has introduced a new luxury sub- brand called “Black Gold”.

Diesel faced some controversies related to its ad campaigns. Its spring/Summer campaign 2007, dubbed “global warming ready” featured cities like Paris, London, and Venice after global warming has taken place. An image shows that the Eiffel Tower of Paris is surrounded with Tropical rainforest and a man walking a lizard. The company has also sponsored some events to drive its attention to the youth market. It has sponsored the Diesel-U-Music contest or the Diesel wall artistic program; seen marketing clothes in Video games. They have continued this strategy in recent years.

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