Slazenger established in 1881, were the leading wooden racquet manufacturers in the world. They later took a very strong move into producing tennis balls resulting into the companies leap into the greatest business achievement.

Wimbledon magic:
In 1902, Slazenger’s became the official suppliers of tennis balls for the Championship- Wimbledon.

World War II:
During the World War II, a heavy air raid on London also affected the Slazenger factory. However the company continued the production at other centers.

Slazenger Acquisition:
Over years the Slazenger Company fell into hands of many people who could own it. In 1980’s, there were many brands available to the consumers. The metal racquets were gaining popularity and year’s later composite materials like graphite and fiberglass were used to produce racquets. Slazenger finally started to lose its brand popularity due to the increasing number of newcomers in the race. Eventually became a target to be acquired.
1985- The Slazenger Company was purchased by BTR along with another sporting brand Dunlop sport. Thus formed a company named Dunlop Slazenger.
1996- BTR sold its Dunlop Slazenger stakes in a management buyout which was backed by CINVen.
2004- CINVen sells Slazenger to Sports World International.

The Company is headquartered at Sydney, Australia.

Products: Racquets, Apparel, Accessories, Tennis Equipment, Cricket Equipment

1. Michael Clarke is been endorsing this brand since he was a teenager.
2. They are currently the clothing sponsors for Geelong Football Club.
3. It’s a major sponsor for the Bulleen Melbourne Boomers in the WNBL.
4. Currently they are the clothing sponsors of the Pakistan National Cricket Team.

The official website of Slazenger

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